Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

It has been a great weekend. We went to Jackson on Friday to spend the night, shop, and go to the Chinese Cultural School's end of the year party on Saturday. It was great to see so many families celebrating our sons' and daughters' heritage. The organizers did a great job planning crafts, food, entertainment, and fellowship! I will try to post some pictures later.

Last night before bedtime, I got to spend a few quiet minutes with my sweet Zachary. He said, "Mama, you are the best motherI have ever had!! I know that I haven't had any other mother, but you are the best!" Such a sweet boy!!

Today, we enjoyed a lunch out, some quiet time by the river, and just being together.

Tonight while we were sitting on the couch watching TV, Lucy picked up a picture of her as a baby (her referral picture). While looking at the picture, she asked me where I was. (I have been waiting for her to start questioning things like this.) I told her I was at home. ( She knows that this is a picture of her as a baby when she was in China.) She said, "Oh, I sad. I cry." I asked why she was crying and she said, "I want you. You at home, and I in China. I miss you!" I told her I was sad, too, when she was in China. Then, as sweet as she could, she said, "I happy now! You come back! Daddy come back and Ge Ge (Zachary) come back! I not sad anymore!"

A few times today, I have had thoughts of Lucy's birth mother. I am not even sure if Mother's Day is celebrated in China, but today I am celebrating her. Without her, I would not have this precious little girl. I can't imagine the pain and anguish that must go along with giving up a child. I pray that she has found peace and somehow knows that her daughter is loved and happy. Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures from our weekend in New Orleans

Lucy being a "princess" in a French Quarter store.

Monday, March 08, 2010

It's been awhile....

As I was lying in bed waiting for Brandt( so I could say good night), I decided to click on my blog link that is on my facebook page. When I did I was surprised to discover that it has been just over one year since I last updated! It really struck me as funny because my last post was all about Lucy and her yearly eye appointment. We just had her this years appt last week. So, this year's update is that Dr. Mungan has decided to try glasses on her. The glasses will not completely correct her vision, but rather correct her nearsightedness and help with distance vision. She and I went last Monday to pick out some pretty new glasses. They are going to be purple!!! I will post pictures (definitely on FB, but maybe here, too) when she gets them. It should be the end of this week or the first of next.

So what else has gone on in the past year???? Zachary is growing faster than I'd like. He is almost as tall as I am now, and I really hate that. I made him (very briefly) sit in my lap last night, so I could remember how my baby boy felt. He thought I had lost my mind!! He will be 10 in a few weeks!! He has had a busy few months. He played AYA basketball during January and February. His team came in second place overall in his division!!! He is also participating in the Natchez Pilgrimage Pageant -- he is dancing in the Big Maypole. I just got to watch him tonight, and he did a fabulous job!!! He is also still excelling in school. He has been the top Accelerated Reader student in the school this year. One nine week period alone he earned over 200 points!!! He continues to amaze me everyday!!

Lucy started preschool this year! She loves her teacher , Mrs. Hutchins. It has been just perfect for her as there are only 4 other kids in her class. Her social skills and language have just blossomed!!! She has grown so much (especially her hair!!) this past year. It is hard to believe that not too long ago she was a scared little girl being placed in my arms in China. As I write this, I realize that tomorrow will be the 2 year anniversary of the first time we saw her picture!! It seems forever and just yesterday at the same time! That precious little strawberry blonde girl has sure changed (and completed) our lives!! She continues to bless us everyday.

Brandt is still the Chaplain at Trinity School ( and he teaches a couple of science classes), and I have gone back to work at the school as well. I will try to be better about posting. If you actually read this let me know, so I will know that it wasn't all for naught!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Checking In...

Lucy's doctor appointment went well on Friday. Dr. Mungan said that she has gotten a little more near sighted since the last appt in Aug. He still feels that there is not a need for glasses at this time. Lucy has tons of fun running through the halls of UMC. IT was really funny to watch the crowds part to let her through. Each group of people that we passed remarked how cute she was. Of course I agreed with each of them whole heartedly! Afterwards, we went to look at Bridesmaids dresses for Becca's wedding. It will be here soon. We are all getting excited!

Saturday, we attended a Pine Wood Derby race for Zachary's cub scout den. Sadly, he did not win, but it was fun watching how the kids (parents) designed and decorated their cars. Lu enjoyed running around the room with the other children. I will try to add in a picture later.

Today, most of the day was spent at the church attending the funeral of our Rector's son. He passed away last Wednesday. It was a beautiful service. The church was standing room only, and a beautiful meal was served afterwards. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with this family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

When all else fails...

So, today we were supposed be at the school at 4 for report card pick up/ teacher conference. Which, by the way, was very good -- all A's! Brandt just stayed at school, and Lu and I were to meet him there. We got ready to go, but I could not find my keys. I searched everywhere, but no luck. Brandt ended up coming home to pick us up for the meeting. So later this evening, we started looking for them again. Brandt and I searched the entire house again for the keys. They were no where to be found. I had to have them, so I can take Lucy to her eye appointment tomorrow. We were beginning to plan how we could do it all with one vehicle when I thought of stories people would tell about their young children finding things. So....

Me: "Lucy, do you know where mama's keys are? Can you go find my keys?"

Lucy: "keys"

Lucy turns and walks into the other room. Brandt followed her to see where she was going. She trotted back less than 30 seconds later keys in hand. Apparently she put them away for me. So, when all else fails.... ask the 2 year old!
Notice the keys in her lap!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dr. appointment on Friday

This Friday we have our second visit with Dr. Mungan. He is a pediatric ophthalmologist. Because of the Albinism, Lucy will see him pretty regularly (this is the second visit - first one 6 months ago). Then he said that her vision was perfect for a person with Albinism. There were no refractive errors at the time. This means that there was nothing that could be fixed with glasses. Because she was so young, he was unable to tell what exactly her vision was. He guessed it was 20/100. She has more language now, but I am still not sure if he will be able to determine much about her vision. I will post more after the appointment.


Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Game

Lately Lucy has taken to strapping her booster chair to her then walking around the house. She even will keep it on while dancing. I promise that I did not strap her in. She did it all on her own! The problem? She can't get out of it by herself! It is really funny!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Here are a few pictures of our day! (Actually we celebrated a day early, shhh! Don't tell!)

Lucy got a shopping cart (which she loved).

Brandt and Zachary got a three set of Guitar Hero - which they love!

I got a new purse and a wallet - which I love, and some really cute pictures of my family!!

Remember when I wrote that Lu liked to strap a booster seat to her??? Well, she was at it again today!
Two of my favorite Valentines!